Flash Won’t Work With The Sony a6000 Camera

Why Won’t The Hotshoe Work On The a6000?

The Sony a6000 has a black powder coating (like a durable paint) that covers the entire hotshoe.  In order for a flash to fire the flash has to make contact with at least 2 points on the hotshoe.  The center conductor and the surrounding metal plate.  The powder coating looks cool, but it makes a great insulator that keeps a flash or flash trigger from making contact.  This video shows you how to address it. Continue reading

Ditching the G6 for a Panasonic GH3

While I liked the Sony NEX-6,  it was missing some redeeming qualities of the Micro Four Thirds (m43) format.

First was size and weight, which can be a big issue when you shoot portraits.  There aren’t that many times when I’ve been the subject of a portrait, but large cameras can be intimidating and they are a reality with 35mm film and full frame digital cameras.  Even the sound of the mirror can be off-putting to some subjects.  Sony’s APS-C sensor takes some of the size away, but most m43 lenses are even smaller and by necessity, wider.

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Welcome to the launch of People Places Things.

This is a portfolio site of my work as a Baltimore based photographer.  Most of my work is editorial, for local and national magazines:  Warfields, Parade, Child, and Architectural Digest to name a few.  The assignments allowed me to travel and ultimately move from Baltimore to NYC.

The vast majority of the images here are of my personal work and haven’t been published.  It’s a work in progress so there will be new content to come.

Thank you for your indulgence and I sincerely hope you find something here that makes you pause.