Flash Won’t Work With The Sony a6000 Camera

Why Won’t The Hotshoe Work On The a6000?

The Sony a6000 has a black powder coating (like a durable paint) that covers the entire hotshoe.  In order for a flash to fire the flash has to make contact with at least 2 points on the hotshoe.  The center conductor and the surrounding metal plate.  The powder coating looks cool, but it makes a great insulator that keeps a flash or flash trigger from making contact.  This video shows you how to address it.

a6000 image


So, to get the flash to fire, you’ll need to remove some of the powder coating where the flash makes contact.  I saw one suggestion to use sandpaper or steel wool.  ZOMG!  I didn’t want to ruin the camera or the look of the hotshoe, so I used a very small flat screwdriver.  This way, no abrasives could migrate into the camera body since there is no sealing on the camera.





The screwdriver fits nicely in the space between the plates so this can be done without distorting the hotshoe. Gently scraping away the powder coating to expose the bare metal beneath.  If you needed to expose any other part of the hotshoe, and the screwdriver won’t reach, I’d recommend a very small file.  The typical caveats apply.  Work carefully and slowly, and this will likely void the warranty…

There is a video of this process here

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